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We offer best quality diamonds for every taste and budget. You can stay updated of our new stock online 24/7 and also enjoy multiple purchasing options.
  • Single Packet System
  • Our inventory is your strength
  • Consistent Assortments
  • Trends & Market Research
  • Multiple Purchasing Options
Single Packet System
J.B. And Brothers believe in giving minute data of each individual diamond properties like colour, clarity, carat, cut, heaviness of table inclusion, crown angle, table% and diameter. This helps you in selecting the required stone with/without certificate. Please refer our JGS chart (JB GRADING SYSTEM chart) for easy reference.
Our inventory is your strength
Being associated with us; you can check our stock 24 x 7 x 365 through the web and even through other services like email, fax, and personal communication. This will keep you updated of our new stock. You will get your required goods just in time which keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. Due to this you can work with minimum inventory. Going through this system you can give round the clock service to your customers.
Consistent Assortments
Our in-house team of expert gemologists & diamond graders use a basic set of 500 master stones to grade each individual stone; to give you consistent assortment of goods graded according to rigorous GIA criteria.
Trends & Market Research
Our in-house marketing team conducts active market research and trend analysis for various markets, goods and price points. This value added service is extended to facilitate your market intelligence programs so that you can tailor your marketing strategies based on this information.
Multiple Purchasing Options
We are providing purchasing through a web-based program, smartphone applications, SMS and in-house traditional buying services.
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